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About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a unique destination with a life that goes beyond its surface. An amazing tourist attraction,the monolithic Rock of Gibraltar entices tourists from all corners of the globe.

Beneath its looming exterior lie the Galleries, a veritable labyrinth of underground passageways running through the Rock. Above ground there is also plentiful tax-free shopping, as well as numerous beaches. Everything is close at hand here, making it easy to combine a shopping trip with an hour on the beach and a tranquil visit to the famous Alameda Botanical Gardens. Gibraltar’s medieval town centre is easy to navigate. Italianate buildings line Main Street, where traditional shops rub shoulders with designer brands – all with the advantage of sterling currency and VAT-free prices. Restaurants, bars and cafes are plentiful, offering a good range of options for an unforgettable lunch. There are more than 70 restaurants in Gibraltar’s streets, piazzas and marinas offering a wide range of local specialities as well as varied international menus. The town’s bars often feature impromptu live music in the evenings, and theatrical and musical productions take place all year round in some of the more unusual venues: in the tropical splendour of the Alameda Gardens, as well as in the subterranean depths of St Michael’s Cave.


Stand on top of the Rock of Gibraltar and you feel as if you were on top of the world. Europe is at your feet. Africa fills one horizon, while the gates to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are on either side. The journey to the top of the Rock rewards you with a truly breathtaking view. From a height of 426m you will see the African coastline, where the waters of the Atlantic meet the Mediterranean, Spain’s Costa del Sol and a panoramic view of the City far below, the quays, marinas and bays. The Upper Rock area features key tourist attractions which are a must for a visitors to the Rock. Many of these have been recently renovated to accommodate disabled visitors as indicated below.

Key attractions include (click below)


Gibraltar Nightlife Ocean Village and Sunborn Hotel

Gibraltar provides entertainment for all ages. Its bustling nightlife focuses around key areas. Casemates Square, positioned at the end of Main Street in the heart of Gibraltar’s shopping district was once the site of public executions, it is now filled with fashionable outdoor restaurants, cafés and bars, and is the hub of nightlife in Gibraltar. The newly constructed King’s Bastion Leisure Centre on Queensway offers a wide range of entertainment facilities for all the family. There are no shortages of places to go out in the evening in Gibraltar. Whether dining out for a meal or simply a drink there is an abundant choice of places to go. The larger hotels all offer resident cocktail bars, offering comfortable and sophisticated surroundings for a quiet drink and some offer music. For a more informal evening, choose from a selection of lively cosmopolitan wine bars or traditional pubs. Later you may choose to dance into the small hours at one of Gibraltar’s nightclubs or enjoy a flutter at the Casino.


Gibraltar Eastern Beach

For such a small destination, visitors are pleasantly surprised to hear that Gibraltar has six beaches around its shoreline. Four of these, Sandy Bay, Eastern Beach, the picturesque village of Catalan Bay, and Western Beach, are sandy. Throughout the year a delightful sub-tropical climate of pleasant winters, exquisite springs and shining summers make the beaches and nearby waterfront restaurants a popular attraction. A local street map will highlight where the beaches are situated. Some of the most popular beaches include:


Gibraltar Siege Tunnels

Gibraltar has been of strategic importance throughout its long military history. The Rock has endured many sieges, the most famous being the Great Siege of 1779. Visitors can appreciate the great feat of engineering achieved at the Great Siege Tunnels, as indeed in all the other tunnels and chambers that have been dug in the Rock.

Walk through the impressive Great Siege Tunnels that were excavated by the forerunners of the Royal Engineers in the late 18th century or marvel at the graffiti from this time at the City Under Siege Exhibition. Click here for more information


Gibraltar Wildlife

A visit to Gibraltar is the key to a rich, diverse and fascinating world of wildlife. In a den high on the Rock live Gibraltar's most famous residents, the Barbary Macaques, the only wild primates in Europe. Friendly, charming and inquisitive, the Macaques have lived on the Rock for centuries. Legend says that when the monkeys leave, Gibraltar will cease to be British. In the seas around Gibraltar the diversity of life is just as great. Sail into the bay and, more often than not, your boat will be followed by flying fish and pods of leaping dolphins. Great efforts are made to ensure that the Rock's natural environment is kept as unspoilt and beautiful for future visitors as it is today. A large area of the Upper Rock has been designated as a nature reserve and famous public park, the Alameda Gardens, has recently introduced a new wildlife park to their grounds


Gibraltar Disabled Facilities

●●● Clear access / ●● Some difficulty / ● Difficult access

Upper Rock Nature Reserve attractions

  • St. Michael’s Cave - partly accessible, lift at entrance to first viewing platform only ●●
  • Apes Den - accessible ●●●
  • Great Siege Tunnels - accessible half way, steep hill and set of steps ●●
  • Moorish Castle - access difficult, steps and narrow corridors ●

Whilst steps are being taken to meet the special requirements of some of our visitors, some of Gibraltar’s major attractions face particular difficulties in providing access for those who are in wheelchairs. However, to compensate in some small measure for this, the Gibraltar Tourist Board has arranged for free access to disabled persons into the Upper Rock.

Other Attractions

  • World War II Rock and Fortress Tunnel Tour : Accessible ●●●
  • Nelson’s Anchorage: Access to exhibition only, steps and narrow corridors leading to gun ●●
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Europe: Good access, ramp at entrance ●●●
  • Flat Bastion Magazine: Partly accessible, narrow corridors ●●

We hope that the friendliness, helpfulness and attention of local people can go some way towards compensating for any deficiencies in the physical provisions in buildings and amenities some of which are difficult to satisfactorily adapt.

  • Commonwealth Park: Accessible ●●●
  • Gibraltar Museum: Access to lower floor only ●●
  • Cable Car: Difficult access, a number of flights of steps at both stops ●
  • Alameda Botanical Gardens: Accessible ●●●
  • Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park: Steps and narrow paths ●
  • Trafalgar Cemetery: Partly accessible ●●
  • Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory: Ramps into factory, assistance provided by staff ●●●
  • Gibraltar Arts and Crafts Exhibition: Good access, lifts to upper floor ●●●
  • John Mackintosh Hall ( library & cultural centre ) : Good access, lifts to first floor ●●●